Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gift Idea for Spring

Here's a quick gift I came up with for Spring. It's just something fun to give to someone that's been on your mind or a new neighbor.

Green Tin- $1
Duckie Bubbles- $.50
Color Snaps- $.88
Misc. Candy- $1
Grass- Free, I just shredded some magazine pages
Total- $3.38

For you Mom

My mom has been asking for picture of the girls on sunday. I had some time before we left for church today so I got these few shots in. I love you mom!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Relief Society Birthday Dinner

Krystal and I were asked to do the table decorations for this year's Relief Society Birthday dinner. We came up with the theme,"Growing Together". We planted grass a month in advanced and picked out the colors.

Wordle: foutchcoutch

For another part of the table decor, Camille helped us find wordle. Wordle takes a group of words and makes a piece of art out of it. You can even enter your blog url and it will make a wordle with the most used words on your blog. The wordle above is of my blog. We maked a wordle as part of the table decoration. We took all the first names of each sister in the Relief Society and put them into wordle. (seen in the pictures below)

The Birthday dinner turned out great. We recently got a new Relief Society Presidency so the dinner was also like a thank you to the last presidency and a welcome to the new presidency. We enjoyed a great dinner with desert and a night of learning more about the Relief Society.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sugar Spice and Everything Nice

I am 20 Weeks Today! And I had my ultrasound today!

I thought you should know that we are having a GIRL! She's due July 21!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Your Monday News Report

This week William was found here, at the
"Address Your Heart Fun Run", sporting his most famous face.

Krystal, William's mom was caught putting make up on before the fun run.

Miss Taya
was all smiles and was ready for some time in the stroller. And yes, she is only 6 months old and has all that beautiful hair!

Ritchie was ready to get going and help out with the kids.

In other News,
Miss New York has learned how to brush her teeth all on her own! She brushes at least 6 times a day.

Franny has learned how to be a "pirate". All she has to do is put her underwear on her head!

Franny has also learned another way to go to the bathroom. This is how creative she is.

This month's mini enrichment provided me with this beautiful new piece of art. Michelle, seen in the Silos picture with me in the last post, put the enrichment together. She got free metal from a local a/c place and free wood from a local wood working shop. The piece of metal that I got was ready to hang on the wall without caulking it to a piece of wood. I am going to paint the top half with chalk board paint and then buy chalk board markers!