Friday, January 29, 2010


Check out my photography blog to see today's photoshoot!


How to make the Rubik Cube Craft

My awesome friend sage found all the directions HERE!

Here are some hints:

#1: We found the rubik cubes at Michael's for $1.

#2: I used a glue stick when first putting the photos on. Then do a light coating of deco podge.

Have fun!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rubik's Cube Craft

Today my friend Sage invited Jade and I over for a craft day. It was so fun! I loved doing this easy craft. It turned out really cute!

the craft

sage jade

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A note from the girls!

Since our mom is too busy we thought we'd let you know: we are ALIVE and WELL!


I hope to be back and blogging soon! Thanks for all your comments, meals, and help! We love you all!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

All right, I will admit it. I am addicted to, CORALINE!

I have seen it way to many times and almost have the entire movie memorized! I've read the book and I own the soundtrack. (Which the girls and I listen to all the time.)
I also blog stalk, Evil Buttons.
One more thing, I am SO sad that I didn't get one of these. It could have been possible to get one, right? Before they released the movie last year they sent out 50 secret boxes to 5o different bloggers to generate hype. Genius, no?
Have you seen it? If you haven't, you MUST!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Storm Cellar

Moscow People Listen UP! There's a new consignment shop in town. You must go there! Or at least go to their web site!

Would you like to take home some flowers?

What kind of question is that? It's defiantly the kind of question you don't need to ask me because the answer is obvious. Of course I'd LOVE to take home some flowers!

Jessica is the florist at my favorite fabric store that I'm always talking about. She is the sweetest girl. We met about a month ago when I over heard her talking about kids. She was saying that when she gets married and has kids, she only wants boys. I sat down by her and we talked for a while. I told her I would bring in the girls to meet her.

When the day came that I took all three girls to the shop, I couldn't help but think, "What the HECK am I doing?!" We got to the shop and the girls did so much better than I thought they would. Jessica got to meet them and give them each a balloon.

I have been into the shop a couple times since and when I walk in she says, "Katelyn! Do you want to take home some flowers!?"

Then I freak out and say yes a million times. I asked her why she always asked me if I wanted to take home flowers and she said, "Because you're always so excited about it!"

{I was thinking she asked me because she had pity on me. She did say she was hoping for all boys when she had kids and she got to see me with my three girls under 4 years old in a fabric store!}

That sure made me laugh. Am I that desperate for flowers? Yes, yes I am.


{here's one of the bouquets from Jessica}

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I love collections. Collections of books, dishes, quilts, scarves, cake platters and snow globes. I officially have THREE snow globes! Thanks to my sister who has helped me to be a snow globe collector. She has gotten me one for the last three Christmases.

snow globes
{these sit on the window seal where the light can shine through them and the girls can wind them up}

My mom has an amazing collection of Danish Christmas dishes that are hung in her kitchen. They follow the roof line and are spaced just so, that they continue into the family room.

Do you have any collections?

They can be a lame as mine but someday I will look back and say, "How did I get 50 snow globes? Guess it's been 50 years since I started collecting them." For me I feel like, if I can leave my legacy with my children they will always remember me and love what I have sacrificed for them. How wonderful would it be to leave them beautiful memories and beautiful snow globes?

Monday, January 4, 2010

For Family Night

Tonight for family night we will be going to the public library! I am so excited. Before I had three kids I would go there quite often but, the thought of getting the three to the library and back is now too much without Bryan's help.

On Saturday I spent the day cleaning. I hadn't had a chance to clean since we got back from our trip and was my house dirty! I even filled up my vacuum bag. (there was that much cereal crunched into my carpet) While I was cleaning I decided to rearrange some furniture. (if you know me, this is something I do a lot of) I created a little library corner in our living room. It was one of my new years goals to read more and to get my girls more excited about reading.



Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Piano Recital

While we were home for the Holidays my mom had her Christmas Recital. We played a duet together for her students and then we listened to her students play their Christmas songs. After the recital the kids did a gift swap. Thanks for inviting me to play mom! I had a great time.

Christmas recital

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Handmade Christmas

I made these Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Handbags for my mom and sister for Christmas. After making these, let's just say I feel like I could make ANYTHING. If you ever need help making these bags, e-mail me. Trust me.

amy butler sweet harmony handbags

I also made two aprons for my sister-in-laws. I really enjoyed making these! They are fun and easy! I have a really really good pattern book I use. You can find it here.


What was your favorite gift this Christmas?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Kate's New Year
Kate's New Year by k8lynf

I am addicted to this web site. You must make one of your own! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I'll be back blogging soon. Please if you have a second vote on the poll to the right of this post!

Some of my New Years Goals include:

1. Never cutting my hair more than an inch at each hair cut appointment.

2. See Alice in Wonderland in 3-D.

3. Exercise more. Take better care of myself.

4. Go to the Public Library at least 2 times each month.

5. HAVE FUN with my family!

What are some of your new goals?