Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FHE= Etiquette Night

Last Monday night for Family night, we decided to hold an etiquette night. I worked hard to make an extra nice dinner so it would be special. Then Bryan and I planned out all the rude and messing things he would to do, to be the bad example. i.e., burping, slurping, rocking in his seat, reaching over people for food, eating other peoples food, wiping food on his shirt, eating with his hands, etc.

I was laughing so hard I could hardly eat! Definitely an FHE the girls remembered and loved.

Sewing 101

Last week while I sat and watched my favorite shows, I cut out tons of hearts! I wanted to have a simple sewing 101 lesson with my girls. When my mom first introduced me to the sewing machine, I can remember her having me follow lines on a piece of paper.

For my girls first lesson I decided to have them sew a heart garland. They LOVED it! They used up all the hearts very quickly. Which was kinda sad because they took me so long to cut out! I think I need a cricket!