Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy 30th to my Big Brother!!

To our Brother and Uncle KURT! Happy Birthday! Here's the top 30 memories/things we love about you! 

#1-Kate- The Yellow Truck: This beast will always remind me of you! Our days of driving to high school early in the morning in the cold. And the moments it would backfire in the parking lot! We rocked that yellow beast!

#2- Lauryns says: "He love me and plays with us and colors with me when we see him."

#3- Kate- You are the BESTEST Brother! You will always protect me, no matter where you are!

#4- Lauryn- "He comes and sees us every Christmas Night, kinda like Santa."

#5- He is my ROCKSTAR!

#6- Bryan- "Bryan+Kira+Kurt+Kate+Rockband = AWESOME"

#7- Brooklyn- "He hold me when I am a baby. Thank you!"

#8- Kate- I will never forget when we surprised him for his graduation! We called him up in Provo and met up for breakfast!

#9- You are a super genius! 

#10- One of the Best Years at McCall. 8-21-2009. I will never forget it! SO happy you could make it!

#11- Remember this? Pretty sure the girls will never forget that birthday! Best Uncle EVER!

#12-Brooklyn- "OH! I love Aunt Emalee too!"

#13- Lauryn- "He knew I wanted FunShine Carebear!"

#14- He will always be our Special-K. 

#15- He found our Aunt Emalee!! Who we love and adore!

#16- He fills cupcakes like a BOSS.

#17- One of our favorite memories. Yours and Emalee's wedding day! We will always remember it!


#18- Mom- "My favorite memory: When Kurt was 18 months old he needed to get by some ladies to get to me. He said "Excuse me Ladies." They were stunned to hear it come from such a little boy!"

#19- Mom- "I know when he is home. He comes down the stairs with a certain rhythm. He is fun and has the best sense of humor."

#20- Bryan- "He's a worthy board game tactician & foe." 

#21- Emalee- "He makes my life beautiful! Every day with him is a barrel of laughs. I love you Kurt!"

#22- Brooklyn- "I like when Uncle Kurt helps me do a puzzle."

#23- He is a good team leader and knows how to build comradery."

#24- Kamryn- "He Prays for me."

#25- He is kid at heart!

#26- He serves us and those around him!

#27- Brooklyn- Is he a clown to our neighbors when its to Halloween?
Lauryn: He's so funny! I wish I could hug him!"
Kurt rocks the house because for Halloween he dressed up as a clown for their ward party. And even did balloon animals for the kids! 

#28: Lauryn: I loved when Kurt and Emalee came to see me. They make me laugh!

#29- Kurt can do the penguin! Legit!

#30- Emalee- He also gives me an excuse to get creative with sweets! I love to make goodies for him, he's always so grateful for my work!

Kurt, we hope you LOVED your birthday blog day dedicated to YOU! 


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

Our friends and neighbors the Johns, had us over on Family Night for Pumpkin Carving! This year we all stuck with the traditional pumpkin face. Everyone really enjoyed taking the guts out of their pumpkins! We even had Jack O Lantern pizza with skeletons for dessert! Thank you Johns family for having us over!
















Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 Garden

We are so grateful this year for our garden. It took time, hard work, and patience. I put together some images over the summer. I wanted to share our garden in a way which you could see it's progression. The first set is May to September!

Here is Bryan's precious tomatoes. He's been waiting years for his own garden tomatoes! It's amazing what one month can do!

This was our Lemon Cucumber and Teddy Bear Sunflower bed! One of our favorites! We ate these cucumbers all summer! And we cut these beautiful sunflowers every few days to put in our home and share with neighbors and friends!

One of my favorite beds! It was my hodgepodge bed of peppers, herbs, and flowers! Contents: Lavender, basil, parsley, peppers, bell peppers, zinnias, sunflowers, Chinese eggplant, and pansies.

Every dinner we had this summer was accompanied by a fresh garden salad! I am going to miss that this winter! This tomato and cucumber medley was sprinkled with kosher salt and olive oil.