Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring is on the way- No matter What!

Even if it still snowing outside, inside it's starting to look like spring! I planted some beautiful ranunculus and I have to keep them inside for now. I don't mind though, they are lovely to look at all day!


Last post I talked about a few projects I've been working on. Here's a close up of the chalk board calendar! Thanks to T and M Vinyl.


Here's a close up of the bunting banner I made. I used a template from Grace Designs. I didn't make the bunting like she did, I just used her template. I cut out my triangles, then with right sides together sewed them. Then you turn them and press. I attached them to a thick white basting tape. Easy!


Another project, I got a shadow box to cover my ugly thermostats.


I found a cute little chair at antique store for 10$. I spray painted it and covered the seat! I think it will be adorable for senior girls pictures.


I've redone my inspiration board.


Got some new big and beautiful prints in the mail!


And got my new business cards in the mail!



Whew! I swear that's it for now. I've got the bug and I don't think it's going away soon.....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Billion Bubbles!


I've been working on so many projects! Getting ready for Bryan's Graduation party! Can you see the chalk board wall calendar and the bunting banner? That's a few projects to name. And have you ever bought a bubble machine? I am in love! Why didn't I buy one before?!

Thursday, April 14, 2011



I can't believe that Easter is less than 2 weeks away. I recently picked up these beautiful tulips. They reminded me of our Savoir, Jesus Christ. I am trying to think of new aways to help my girls see Easter in a more spiritual way. What have you done in the past?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitchen: Cleaning and Organization


Tonight I was asked by my church to teach a mini class on Kitchen cleaning and organization. I made the board above as a visual.Here's the recap.

Messes are an everyday part of life! Trust me. I know. You've seen them on my blog before. I believe the most popular mess I've shared was the one where Lauryn put paint all over Kamryn when she was a baby.


Keep in mind, that messes are a whole lot easier to clean up if the foundation of your kitchen is organized and clean.

How can we find a desire to clean? I have found it's much easier for me to find joy in cleaning when I keep the end goal in mind. What's my end goal? A home where the spirit of God can dwell. If I neglect the breakfast dishes and it comes time for lunch, I usually have 3 unhappy girls at my feet begging for food. They are unhappy and I'm unhappy and the spirit leaves. The second goal I like to keep in mind, is having family dinner every night. It's my second favorite time of the day after nap time!

Getting started with Organization:

1- Ask for help! It's easier and more fun to organize with a family member or friend!

2- Plan it out! Think logically about where things should go. Put the flatware, bowls, and cups directly above the dishwasher. It's much faster to empty the dishwasher that way. Another idea is putting your "bake center" above the area with the most counter space.


3- Don't do it all in one day! Here's a link to a handout I wrote up. It's a 9 day kitchen organization challenge! Keep in mind you don't have to do each one consecutively. Take one month to do the whole list.

Here's the link! Click on organization copy, download it, and print!


Do you dread to clean!?

-play music or listen to a conference talk
-wear a fun apron and colorful rubber gloves

Products I love:


Clean the microwave: in a glass bowl add 2 cups of water, some lemon juice and microwave till boils at least 1 min. The steam will loosen all the grease and you can wipe it all off.

Freshen the disposal: put ice, and a lime peel down the disposal, run it with cool water.

I made a general cleaning list for the kitchen.

Download it here! Click on "clean copy".

I hope more than anything, you can find inspiration to get organized and to get cleaning! I keep a journal of images from magazines that I love. Here's one of my favorites! Under the kitchen sink organization:

I found some similar pull out bins here.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Mother's Day Primary Song Idea

My current calling in our Church is the Primary Chorister. It's my job to teach the children new songs every week! For mother's day at church they asked me to teach the children 2 new songs to sing in front of everyone. My problem is finding a good incentive for them to learn the songs. I read this idea somewhere but can't remember where so I could link to it.

Here's the idea: Make a picture of a mother with holes in her eyes. Then teach the children the songs. If they sing it good enough the mother will star to "cry". I will have someone in the back of the poster spraying water from a water bottle when they think they sang the song good enough. This is only for practice!

I think the kids will love it!

I made her shirt and flower out of scrap book paper. Then I took packaging tape and covered the entire thing so it wouldn't get wet. (I thought it was easier than going and getting it laminated)

We will see how it goes! Wish me Luck!


Other NEWS: I've been featured!!! Check it out!!!!

I heart facetime

One of my favorite features about the new ipod touch is facetime! I love being able to chat face to face with my sister!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Zumba! Everybody say Zumba!

Last Saturday was dress up day at Zumba! We had a blast! If you haven't tried Zumba yet, you MUST! I'm defiantly obsessed! I got at least 5 times a week! We have a Zumbathon to raise money for the American Heart Association on April 15th 6:30-8:30 pm. Admission is 5$. It's at the Student Rec Center. Please Come and help support! I will be there photographing the event!




Also, did you happen to see the photo shoot I did of the girls with their new hair cuts?! Check it out-