Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013 Relief Society Birthday Dinner: Bloom Where You're Planted

It's over and done! Our Relief Society Birthday dinner was last night and went better than I had planned, thanks to all those who helped! Being in charge of an event like this can give you stress for a good couple months. Working on it a little bit each day really helped me not feel so over whelmed. And what a better way to deal with the day after an event like that? Blog about it. Then maybe I'll feel like getting my house put back together.....

The theme I choose was, "Bloom Where You're Planted". After a long winter and with hopes of spring on the way, I wanted the night to up lift everyone and just make them smile! Here's what we did:

6:30pm-7pm Served Dinner

Homemade Chicken Salad with Croissants
A Fresh Green Salad
A Simple Fresh Cut Fruit Salad
Potato Salad
Lemon Water

7pm-7:30pm Speakers

We chose two Sisters in the ward to give talks. They did a fabulous job. I couldn't have asked for better speakers!

7:30-8pm Served Dessert

Cupcake sized Cheesecakes with fresh strawberries


Mason Jars filled with twigs that I spray painted green and glued 150 cheery blossoms onto! I found the twigs from a neighbor and borrow jars from Sisters in the ward. Another Sister used her silhouette cutter to do all the cherry blossoms.

Origami folded newspaper boxes filled with wheat grass. Here's the video tutorial I got ideas from.  I had the wheat and got newspaper from the recycling center. I also filled the bottom of the boxes with recycled shredded paper.

The table runners were made with brown packaging paper from the dollar store!

The seed packets were fount at the dollar store as well, 4 for a 1$


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Amazing!!! You are so talented!! We have our activity next week so I'm getting things organized for it. You've lite a fire under me to get moving with it! So thanks!

Cierra said...

I love how it turned out! Great job my friend. As always, you are an inspiration!

Kristine said...

Whoa!! it looks beautiful! amazing job. i love every detail!

Mandapanda said...

Katelyn, you really did a great job - it was out of the ordinary and all tied together so nicely! Very creative. The food was delicious and timing worked well - and you did all this with 3 and 2/3 (ish) children!! You are amazing :c)