Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Around The House

Folded: All of these blankets. Franny put New York to bed on the living room floor. She said, "Good Night, Sleeping Beauty."

Found: The sun. I've missed you....

Missing: 2009 Mary Engelbreit Calendar. I'm having a hard time keeping track of everything! Help!

Broken: This Toilet. Time of incident 0200 hours. Only witness, New York.......

Caught: in the act. Franny trying to reach some dangerous tool of Himmy's.

Empty: The Guest Bathroom Soap. Franny made way to many bubbles today.

Bought: These old red books. Cost me $1.25.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekly Update

1. On Monday to celebrate Martin Luther King Day we got together with our neighbors the Jones. We had Chocolate milk and Doughnuts!

2. The girls and I camped out on a blanket in front of the tv to watch the inauguration. I tried explaining to Franny what was going on. She didn't really get it. I showed her President Obama and her reply was, "Oh my Goodness! I cannot believe it!!"

My friend Kristine showed me how to make this:

3. New York has found the toilet! I am so happy she is already interested in the porcelain throne. She loves to sit on it and read books.

4. I worked on this little number this week. It's going to be a table runner when I'm done. It's a simple brick work pattern.

5. We went to lunch on Wednesday. Franny handed me this saying, "Mom, this is terrible." New York had taken a nice bite out of this yellow crayon. Yummy.

6. It has been SO COLD here. We haven't gotten out of the house much. I think on Tuesday we took the girls to the pet shop. They LOVED it!

7. One plus of never going outside is, Franny gets bored and wants to try new things. Like CHORES! She sprayed down every table in the house.

8. Himmy has been working on this pretty little number. You can buy it now on

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Week

1. School started again.

2. We went to Story time at the public library.

3. I rearranged my living room. Again. For the 100th time.

4. Franny went to Primary for the first time.

5. My brother finally got the clear to fly out to KC. He's had to stay at our mom's house due to his appendix bursting.

6. My dad kept his JOB! Out of 140 people, 100 of those at his work were getting laid off. It's just so sad. We are so grateful that my dad got to keep his job and our prayers go out to those who lost theirs.

7. I joined a local gym! I love exercising. I've been going to step classes that a girl in my ward teaches.

8. Bryan and I went on a DATE! Thanks to Camille. We just went to dinner but we had such a great time. We did a questionnaire while we waited for dinner. It was from this months real simple magazine, it was titled "How well do you know your valentine?" The first question was...

"What reality TV show would your valentine try out for?"
Himmy wrote down: So you think you can dance.
K8, I wrote done the all original: Survivor. We had a great time.

9. I discovered the Nienie Dialogues. Such an inspirational woman, mother, and wife. I love reading her posts. She has such a love for motherhood. This last summer her and her husband were in a terrible air plane accident. Read her story here.

10. Thursday night I must have been really emotional. I just had to have Cheetos puffs and Neapolitan ice cream. On my way back from the store, the country song "My front porch looking in" came on and I started bawling! Oh man, I felt so silly. The song has a course of, "There's a carrot top who can barely walk with a sippy cup of milk, there's blue eyed blond with shoes on wrong because she likes to dress herself, and the most beautiful girl holding both of them, It's the view I love the most, my front porch looking in." The whole time I'm listening to the song, I'm imagining Himmy singing it to me. WOW, I was so EMOTIONAL!
As I walked in the door crying, Himmy asked what's wrong?! I replied, "I heard a country song." His reply, "Oh, no."

11. I captured some really good Bath time FUN!

12. Saturday night we made homemade PIZZA with my mom's fantastic bread recipe! Himmy was a pro at tossing the dough.

Franny made her own and she ate a lot of it! It's the most I've seen her eat in a long time!

13. WE made Valentines! I know it's a bit early but we just had to get a head start! Franny made at least 10.

New York made herself the Valentine, which I was very happy to accept. She is so cute!

Franny worked so hard!

14. Wednesday we danced around to "The best of Earth Wind and Fire". We made some sweet Ribbon Dancers too!

Out of Focus!

15. We made mini banana bread bunt cakes! Sorry no picture of the actual bunt cake. Doesn't the word Bunt make you think of my "Big Fat Greek Wedding?". Anyway the girls loved licking the icing off the mixer.

I hope you all had a great week TOO! This has officially been my longest post EVER! Much LOVE, K

Saturday, January 10, 2009

There's nothing like Swimming in Winter

Our girls have been going crazy! They just needed to get out of the house so we've been taking them to a local indoor pool. It has saved us this Christmas break. School starts again on monday so we've been trying to take advantage of our free time.

Sweet Goggles!

Best Dad Ever!

New York held on to all five of these balls for at least 20 min!
Franny said, "Mom, that was the best fun!"


Today my friend Krystal and I went out to practice still life photography. She recently got a DSLR for Christmas and wanted some pointers. We talked about white balance, depth of field, f-stop, shutter speed, and more. Here's some of my photos from today.

Here's another picture of my project. I'm trying to pace my self. I always want to finish any project in a day. With this one I'm trying to be better.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Project

I am finally finding time to work on some projects! I am so excited! I found a patter for a really fun colored pencil holder here. My girls like crayons better so I am changing it up to fit crayons. I am using some of Anna Maria Horner's fabric. I bought a bag of her scraps here. I'll be sure to post a pic when I'm done!

PS- For Christmas I got a new 24-60mm lens and adobe lightroom! Doesn't it take beautiful pictures!