Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Produce Sale complete with shopping cart

A couple weeks before school started I was losing my patience with the girls and I needed something to occupy them for a day. I wanted something that would be fun, teach them something, and keep them focused all day: Produce Sale it is! 
They spent the morning gathering flowers and produce from our garden. Luckily we had a shopping cart (awesome story for another post) to help us with our sale. We pushed the cart down the garden isles as we filled it up!
The girls made a little over $50! They sold:
What a beautiful day it was! I sent pictures out to family after the sale. Here's what my brother wrote to us:
"So cute Kate! Love that you're making little free market entrepreneurs out of them!"

I can't ever seem to get Lauryn to look at the camera! She so wiggly! But every time I look at Brooklyn she's already posing! Ha!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mr. and Mrs.!

When I was down in Boise photographing a wedding for a client, my cousin got married! I literally had about 10 minutes to stop by and see my cousin Chelsey and her new husband walk out of the temple! I caught one shot! Here is it!
The next day I got to help set up for her reception and I took a few pictures! Enjoy! It was such a fun night!

The food prep!
The flower boys!

The amazing center pieces! So much work went into these! They turned out so beautiful!


Working on the ice cream machine!

Took just a few minutes to take some shots of my cousins!

These truffles were divine!

Grandpa Thompson on the right getting ice cream!

The ice cream Parlour!

Grandma Thompson taking her turn getting ice cream!
Aunt Danene, Cousin Ashley and Mindy! These girls are gorgeous! Love you!

Met some new friends! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Camp Out