Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lauryn turned Seven on the 7th

Lauryn and I made these Funfetti Cupcakes by Sweetapolita. One of the best recipes I've used! They were delicious! We took them to school on Friday to share with her class. 

After school that day we headed out for McCall Idaho. One of my favorite places! The next morning we:

1. Went to the Pancake house for breakfast. Thank you Dad!

2. Stopped by the McCall Airport to see if we could get a photo of the Sky Crane. The manager of the sky crane saw us and invited us to come get in the cockpit! It was an amazing machine! This red one is for keeping the city of McCall safe from fires. 

3. The girls, my mom and I went for a walk downtown. We stopped by the beach, the farmers market, and some shops. 

4. We had a BBQ, cake and ice cream, and then we opened Birthday Presents. The rest of the day was spent on the beach! The girls had such a wonderful time. 

5. We watched Bryan make Sharlie the lake monster. 

 [photo by: My Dad]

Monday, September 17, 2012

Moscow, Idaho Farmers Market

A couple weekends ago we had Aunt Lori and Cousin Dani come visit. We had a wonderful day together! We spent almost the whole day downtown Moscow. Here's what we did:

1. Walked the market.
2. Bought Huckleberries and Peaches
3. Girls got their faces painted
4. Ate at the Breakfast Club for my Birthday
5. Visited the Toy Store
6. Looked at books at Book People
7. Brought home dinner from the co-op
8. Enjoyed time at our house together talking and looking at photos

We loved having them visit! Anyone else want to come? We'd love to hang out! 

St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, MO! I never knew we could pack so much into just three days! It was a whirl wind trip full of fun and family! The reason we were there was, I got hired by Bryan's Aunt Lori to be her son and daughter-in-laws wedding photographer. What a once in a life time opportunity! Even with all the anxiety of flying, I couldn't pass it up! I LOVE Ethan and Danielle! I wouldn't have missed it!

We got to St. Louis on Thursday evening. We had dinner and then headed to the St. Louis LDS Temple.

Friday was a perfect day for a wedding! It was 100% humidity and 100 degrees! I had never been in humidity like that before. It was intense! Luckily Ethan and Danielle agreed to meet me at the Temple very early in the morning to get some shots before it got too hot. Here are a few shots! See more of them 

Here's one of my favorites! Me and the boyz!! It's the only wedding photo I was in! 

As I was taking family shots, I looked over and saw this amazing photo! LOVE this one. 

LOVE this family!! 

After several hours shooting and a luncheon, we were all exhausted. We all went back to the hotel and took a nap. Then we headed out to Downtown St. Louis. Our first stop was the Museum of Art.

Bryan and I shared a rental car with Alyssa and Mark. We had several fun adventures together!!

Posing with St. Louis!

Here's the view from the front of the Museum of Art. Breath Taking! It reminded me of something I might see in Pride and Prejudice. 

Bryan was so taken by the view. He ran into the scenery with arms wide open. 

Then decided to roll down the beautiful hill. Resulting in an injured hip. He said it was worth it.....

We all loved this piece. Stunning!

I really loved the hardwood flooring. Herringbone! 

Being George Washington.


Photo on left: Shot taken by holding large DSLR out car window in hopes of something turning out. Here's what I got. So funny!

Here's a photo of the group walking to the arch. We were all commenting on the vision someone must of had to create such a beautiful pathway, knowing they were creating it for us 100 years down the road. 

Thank you Konshuk family for having us be there with you! We won't forget it! 

And a huge thanks to my mom and dad for watching the girls!