About the Foutch Coutch


The Foutch Coutch was founded in 2004 when I married my wonderful man. We both grew up together in Spokane Valley Washington. Since then we have moved to the beautiful Moscow, Idaho.

We have 3 beautiful and very different little girls. Each one with a different head of hair and personality. They make my life exciting, beautiful, spontaneous, thrifty, and hard. This blog isn't about being perfect. Because, I'm not. Who is? I share many experience that will make you laugh and cry. Did you hear about them cutting their hair off?

Read it here. 

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I chose the name Foutch Coutch for our blog mainly because people have a hard time pronouncing our name, so if I named the blog something that it rhymed with then it would help! I also wanted people to think of sitting down to their couch, to read our blog. So, come read the foutch coutch and take a seat.

On my blog I share my photography, our daily experiences, our testimony's of our Savior Jesus Christ, our craftiness, our love for family, fun trips, and so much more.

So I ask you to take a seat.

Much love, Kate