Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stop to Smell The Roses

My newly organized craft area

The New Dinning Area

Left: Lauryn's rearranged room

right: Lauryn's new play area downstaris

Above: See Paragraph 4

Seasonal Depression.This subject was brought up by my sister in law, on her blogger page. She wrote a beautiful poem to help express herself. Heres the url for her poem,

I've been brainstorming on what we can do to help us get through these last winter weeks (like 8 weeks). I have to confess that I have rearranged every single room in our small town house. Nothing seems more refreshing then a newly organized, declutter, and clean space! One book that has helped me decorate, clean, and organize is "Real Simple: The Organized Home". Love it!

I have also been working hard to get a good schedule going with Lauryn. I have everything from naps, snacks, meal times, to color time, music time, and more. I have also been thinking about making a certain day of the week for the library, one for the play place at the mall, one for having a friend over, etc. I used google images to search for photos to print out for the daily schedule. I also have one upstaris for bed time. Bath, brush teeth, Books, Prayers, and bed! She loves looking at them! (they are rough starts! a work in progress!)

I think cleaning is one think that you can't let go of in these winter months. Nothing's more depressing than a sink full of dirty dishes, an un-kept bathroom, or having no clothes to wear because the laundry is to daunting. I have 5 days out of the week that I clean. So I have 5 cards, 1-Kitchen (sweep and mop too), 2-bathroom, 3-Dust/Vacuum, 4-Laundry, 5-Organize. I switch around the cards each week, depending on which one has the priority.

Just letting our creative spirit come out helps too! I know its hard sometimes to get stuff out after a long day and the kids are finally in bed but, if you can muscle it through I know that it can bring great joy.

Nurturing our marriages is important too! Bryan brought me roses home the other day!!! I love him! It was an early Valentines day gift!
Current goal : Find happiness in everyday!


The Parrys said...

Love it all. This is incredibly inspiring, better than eating or sleeping winter away. Thanks for the excellent photos....have a great day and much love to you. Rick

k said...

Thanks for the ideas...I have to fight off a twinge of jealousy over your amazingly awesome creative energy and artistic fun! What I have to do is just use your cute ideas to motivate me to start back up with the kids doing fun things. I love you girl!