Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ed 201

Here's some pictures of my education 201 class. I have to do 30 practicum hours in a school setting. I am a family and consumer science major but they don't have my curriculum in the schools here. Sad! I am doing my hours with the Junior High Art teacher. He has been teaching for over 20 years. His class room is way fun and I am learning a lot about teaching! Enjoy! Love, K


Kelli said...

Cool photos...I love them!

KCannonM said...

oh that looks like fun! you'll learn a ton!

Mandy said...

you are now officially my hero. i had no idea you were going back to school! i think that is so amazing. did you get bitten by a radioactive spider? how are you such a SuperMom? :) that classroom looks like so much fun. i bet you're learning a lot. it looks like bryan is doing an amazing job with the girls as well. yet again i'm left to wonder if i will ever be as put-together as you guys. thanks for the inspiration! xoxoxo