Monday, February 1, 2010

Martha's February Magazine: Family History in the Making

I am in love with this month's Martha Stewart Living Magazine. There is an article 8 pages long called, "Family History in the Making."

You know all those random baby things you want to keep but, don't know what to do with? They use shadow boxes to keep those memories.

Here are a few photos from the article that I scanned in.

Feb 10- Martha

Feb 10- Martha

I love the shadow box with the little white onesie! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! I can't wait to make some of my own!


Lt. Col. Samantha Carter said...

So cute! I really like yhe ones where there's a picture of the item being used along with the item itself. All of my kids came home from the hospital in the same outfit, but each wore a different hat. I've saved those hats and for years, have planned on putting them in a shadowbox with the outfit one day.

Jane said...

My sisters and i were all reading about this on Sunday. Gushing for sure. She has great style and such endless creativity for shadow boxes.

The Crandizzles said...

That is a good idea! I already have a bunch of stuff that I want to keep for the boys what it's just sitting in the closet. This is way better!