Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Her First Day




I got her this little bracelet for her first day of school. She is always coloring something. She loved it. Lauryn got to pick out her outfit and her backpack. She knows what she likes!



Waiting for Lauryn to get on the bus. It was COLD this morning!


Bye Lauryn! We LOVE you!


Back in the warm van!



Kristine said...

you have a kid in school! wow. they are growing up fast! lauryn looks darling ..i love her shoes.

and that last pic is especially adorable!

brightbit said...

wow!! a little girl in kindergarten! you're such a good mom. what a lucky girl in that cutie cute outfit :)

sportyrls said...

Hooray for Lauryn! I love that bracelet!

Meagan said...

O my gosh did you cry!!!??? I am going to lose my mind, I just know it.

She has SUCH style! I love her cute shoes and bracelet. You are such an amazing Mom! I love your little family.

Did Brooklyn and Kamryn have a fun day without her or did they ask about her the whole time??

Robin said...

Lauryn I love you and I hope you have a great time in kindergarten this year!! You look so hip with your cute backpack and adorable shoes!!