Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Produce Sale complete with shopping cart

A couple weeks before school started I was losing my patience with the girls and I needed something to occupy them for a day. I wanted something that would be fun, teach them something, and keep them focused all day: Produce Sale it is! 
They spent the morning gathering flowers and produce from our garden. Luckily we had a shopping cart (awesome story for another post) to help us with our sale. We pushed the cart down the garden isles as we filled it up!
The girls made a little over $50! They sold:
What a beautiful day it was! I sent pictures out to family after the sale. Here's what my brother wrote to us:
"So cute Kate! Love that you're making little free market entrepreneurs out of them!"

I can't ever seem to get Lauryn to look at the camera! She so wiggly! But every time I look at Brooklyn she's already posing! Ha!



Lori Konshuk said...

I so wish I could have come to the sale! this is beyond adorable! I smile every time I see anything you do Kate! it's just all so sweet! love you!

Marie-Christine said...

J'aime beaucoup, cette les autres.