Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sewing 101

Last week while I sat and watched my favorite shows, I cut out tons of hearts! I wanted to have a simple sewing 101 lesson with my girls. When my mom first introduced me to the sewing machine, I can remember her having me follow lines on a piece of paper.

For my girls first lesson I decided to have them sew a heart garland. They LOVED it! They used up all the hearts very quickly. Which was kinda sad because they took me so long to cut out! I think I need a cricket!


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

So cute! You sewed them the right way...I sewed the hearts side by side so the tops of the hearts weigh down to the bottom and the tip is on top....upside down hearts! Blast! Next year I suppose.

That Brooklyns hair is amazing! I am crossing my fingers that Ellie's hair looks likes Brooklyn's in a few years! Gorgeous!

Robin said...

I can't believe how big Brooklyn is getting!! I can cut you some paper hearts on my big shot if you want. You can cut multiples. What a fun way to learn to sew. Did you ever get my heart garland?