Wednesday, March 5, 2014


On a Saturday a couple weeks ago, I got up early and started my baking day. Homemade bread with fresh ground wheat and muffins were on my list. Keeping our grocery budget is very important to me and one way I do that is by having a baking day. 

Here I was trying to save money and then I dropped a jar on my glass cook top. It pretty much shattered the glass all the way down and across the surface. There was one burner that was left intact which I've been using. (and that probably isn't a good idea but, I have to use it!) 

We ordered a new oven but it's taking weeks to get here. I cannot tell you how grateful I will be to have a full working range again! I don't think I will ever take it for granted again. 

Any tips for cooking mostly with an oven? I have to wait at least 4 more weeks for my new oven. 

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Anonymous said...

I think it's possible to "just" replace your cooktop -- not the whole range. Of course that doesn't help you much now to know... But I believe the new top could snap into place over the old base. Check with Lowe's or Home Depot.