Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas Break Craft

Please Vote! I'm planning the Christmas Break craft. Which one should we make? Help Please!

Pattern 1 Pattern 2
Pattern 3


Kristine said...

ahhh i love them ALL. I possibly like the bottom one because there are so many varieties of fabric that you could do.
gotta love Amy.

Thorny Tree Lady said...

Are you planning it for a group of people with good sewing skills? Go for the first one...nice lines. Or, the bottom one seems fast/easy and way cute!

Watts Family said...

They're all cute. I think I like the first one best- I like bags that can stand up on their own.

Your quiet book is super cute too! I'm impressed you take the time to do that, I can barely keep up with scrapbooking.

Happy sewing!

Kayla-Jason said...

kate!! how are you!! I love all these patterns if you do them here in spokane let me know! I really like the pattern 1. Also I am going to be having a bridal shower so let me know if you are gonna be here! I also need your address for wedding invites!! hope to hear from you! hope things are going good! love kay