Thursday, November 8, 2007


This is a Mini Quiet Book KIT! Go here to see my completed quiet book. I only have two left! They are both Girl Quiet Book kits. Here's a list of what fabric is included!
Fabric Designs:
-Tutu Fabric -Crazy Pink -Dance! Fabric -Leafy Blue -Fuzzy Purple -Ladybugs -Red for a barn -Cats -Snails -Green For tree -White and Black for Barn -Brown For Tree -A Moon -Flower Border -Snails -Dogs -Toucan Numbers -Cowgirl -Road Signs -Farm Animals -Strawberries (Already Heat and Bonded)
You Need: Heat-n-Bond (no sew or regular), Metal Eyelets, Metal Ring, Buttons, Velcro, Plastic for Pockets or Fabric, and CREATIVITY!
If you are interested in buying one r if you want to see more pictures of the included fabric e=mail me!
Paper Bag Scrapbook! These are so easy! Just fold two paper bags in half and sew down the side. Add whatever pictures, ribbon, or embellishments you want to. The paper bag creates pockets that you can put stuff in. For this scrapbook I made, it would be perfect as a baptismal gift. You could write your testimony and put it in one of the pockets. I made this one for L girl so it had to be rip proof! All I did was cover it in packaging tape! Have questions? Email me! Happy Crafting! PS- I got the photos from the Ensign!


Jay and Camille said...

You seriously amaze me. I can't believe you stinkin' creative you are!

Thorny Tree Lady said...

I'll buy one from you...Mato needs a few of these for Christmas, and my sewing machine is missing its pedal (waiting for one to come in the mail.) How much??

Kelli said...

Give K a paper bag, magazine and ribbon and she can create beautiful wonders!!! I LOVE IT!