Thursday, July 31, 2008

The whole Dang Thing

I just got back from my moms house. I love visiting her! The girls love it too! Franny's favorite part is the heart cakes my mom makes in the morning. The heart cakes are heart shaped waffles! Himmy went down to Utah to visit his parents and I opted to skip the 13 hour drive with two kids. While he was gone my mom and I had a yard sale. The night before the yard sale my mom and I were up late pricing stuff. When we about to price the last item we started laughing so hard we were crying. The last item was my childhood bed. The sicker that my mom made for it read this,
The whole dang thing! We had a good laugh. Some other things were priced Free or free with any purchase. I don't know about you but I've never seen stuff priced that way at a yard sale. Thanks for being so creative mom! We made some good money but we were sure pooped after it was over. That weekend my mom and I actually got some sewing in. We made a super cute apron, which I will post later. Here is my cleaned up craft room! I am so excited to sew again!

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