Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I won!

A local fabric shop had their 1st birthday! They had a great party and if you dressed up in pink and brown you got %50 of one item! I got a bunch of my friends together to go and we had a blast! There was a grand prize for the best dressed in pink and brown. I totally won! I couldn't believe it! I actually won something! Check out the shop's web site here and see a picture of me in my sweet outfit here!


The Osborns said...

I love your apron!! I'm excited for you that you won, but I'm not surprised girl!! You are amazingly talented!!

Melissa said...

Wow Katlyn this is amazing!
Good for you.
Pays to dress up and party with all your mates.

Kristine said...

congrats. winning is a great feeling. you looked cute in your pink and brown!