Thursday, October 2, 2008

RS Birthday Idea

My current calling is the compassionate service leader. I am in charge of several things. One of my jobs is to do birthdays. I wanted to do something fun and memorable. I came up with these little blocks with their monogram on it. I love them! I really love how the pictures turned out. I took the blocks out to the old school house with me to take pictures. By the way each block ened up costing about $1.50. I bought a 2x4 for $3 and chopped it into 30 4x4 blocks. Enjoy! Much love, K


Melissa said...

The pic's look great and the idea is wonderful.
Now that must've been a committed friend who helped you paint MOST of those blocks.
She must be pretty awesome.
I'm sure she can't wait to get one of her very own!!!;)

Brittanie said...

Super Cute! I want one! Great idea as always.