Saturday, January 10, 2009

There's nothing like Swimming in Winter

Our girls have been going crazy! They just needed to get out of the house so we've been taking them to a local indoor pool. It has saved us this Christmas break. School starts again on monday so we've been trying to take advantage of our free time.

Sweet Goggles!

Best Dad Ever!

New York held on to all five of these balls for at least 20 min!
Franny said, "Mom, that was the best fun!"


spaceyhawks said...

Kate those pictures are adorable!!! They are sooooo cute! It was great seeing you the other night. Hopefully we will be able to come in the spring and spend sometime with you guys! Love ya!

Mikel*Sage said...

I love the picture of NY with the balls - so cute!

Ritchie Family Blog said...

I love your kids. They are so cute! I love the pictures you took too. You are guys are such a cute family.

Melissa said...

Oh I wish we could've went with you. My kids love it there.