Saturday, May 9, 2009

Did I mention: I LOVE Surprises!

This Saturday morning I got ready to go antiquing. Krystal picked me up and we went to get Michelle. We knocked on her door and SURPRISE! They had thrown me a surprise baby shower. My first reaction, SHOCK! My second reaction was to, CRY!! I was so surprised at everything they had done and by everyone that had showed up! I was so happy! I could hardly stop crying. (I was really embarrassed that I was so emotional!) I knew that I wasn't getting a shower with this baby and to have one was such a TREAT! Here's a picture of a few girls that came.

They also surprised me by inviting my MOM! And she CAME! I couldn't believe it!! I LOVE you MOM!
Here's a few pictures of the decorations! My mom and I made this quilt for the new baby.
Michelle and Krystal made me this BEAUTIFUL mobile! I LOVE IT!

Here's the treats!
I can't thank everyone enough. I will NEVER forget this! I had such a wonderful day! THANK YOU! LOVE, K


Melissa said...

Beautiful pic's of all the girls.

Hillary said...

How fun, Katelyn! I'm so glad you have such wonderful friends!

Meagan Briggs said...

Now, I'm hoping it's a pregnant thing because I have never cried this much in my whole life. I cry...just about over everything!

I am so happy someone threw you a baby shower! Every baby needs to be celebrated even if it's your first or third! So you have amazing friends! And PS you look absolutely beautiful!

Kristine said...

How sweet of your friends! and of your Mom to come down! Looks like a blast!

I love that quilt you and your mom made. How beautiful.

ps. happy mothers day!

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Katelyn I such a great time at the shower. I am so glad that you got one!! You are so cute and we are all so glad that you were truly surprised. We love you K8!!