Friday, May 8, 2009

What I love right now.....

Kristine has inspired me to take a minute and think about what I love at the moment. Here are a FEW things I LOVE.

I LOVE Anna Maria Horner's Scrap Bags! I just got another one in the mail today!

I LOVE The Body Shop's Mango Body Butter! I've used it with every pregnancy and no stretch marks YET! (knock on wood!)
I LOVE Blow POPS! They have been the staple this pregnancy.

I LOVE JAM! I especially loved learning how to make Jam this last week at an enrichment. I had never done it before and it was soooo fun! Thanks Melissa!

I LOVE my SEWING MACHINE! It's a bernina Bernette! It is just perfect for what I need!

I also LOVE my husband's new ebay business and his istock portfolio. It sure helps us out. He designed and programed the lego shop. And all the art work on istock is done by him in vector. He pretty much rocks!

I LOVE my MOM (I love you too dad! It's a tribute for mother's day weekend!) I would be a terrible mother if I didn't have her amazing example. I also wouldn't have the ability to sew if it weren't for her along with a whole long list of other things.

I LOVE this Crazy Girl.

I also LOVE this other CRazy girl! And her CRAzy hair TOO!

Finally, I LOVE my new drapes! My grandma gave me a bunch of fabric so I used some of it to make these cream drapes.


Kristine said...

Cute List Katelyn!

Congrats to Bryan...his stuff looks cool.

and i too love blow pops and berninia and fabric scaps!


Dru said...

Great post K8.
I was laughing so hard at that pic of Lauryn.
I LOVE that body butter as well.
No stretch marks here either, touch wood.

Dru said...

Ok this is Melissa NOT Dru.
That'd be a pretty funny comment, if it REALLY WAS DRU SAYING IT.

Meagan Briggs said...

So cute! Wasn't it fun to think about our favorite things?

I want to learn how to sew SOOo badly. Maybe next year when my life settles down a bit.

Ritchie Family Blog said...

You are too cute. I LOVE Brooklyn's crazy red hair too... I really really want a little red haired girl (maybe it's because we have so many red-haired little girls in our ward and its rubbing off on me... i don't know).