Friday, July 31, 2009

Lazy Day

Baby Kamryn is now 10 days old and I believe this was the first time since her birth that I got the girls out of the house for a little fun. I've been feeling so guilty, just letting them watch tv all day long. My friend Krystal invited us over for a play date. As you can see, the girls had so much fun. No matter what Franny and Cookie do, they are always so happy.

Here she is! She's back to her birth weight and is still sleeping a lot! Himmy takes her every other night so we are both getting some good sleep.


Joni said...

Way to go! Going out with 3 girls after just 10 days....Hey, How do you know the Dutschis? They were in our last ward.

Hillary said...

That's so awesome of Himmy to take baby K for you every other night! What a great hubby! I can't believe just a few short years ago we were pregnant together, and now they're so big!

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Your girls are so fun! Seriously, they are so cute and they really are happy kids. They must get this from their mother! :)