Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swats & Shakes ( by dad )

"Swats & Shakes". It's our new disciplinary strategy. Here's how it works:

Step 1. Child gets out of bed the 49'th time Step 2. Dad gives child a swat for getting out of bed the 49'th time
Step 3. Mom comes home 2 minutes later & ( on a whim ) announces "Let's go get milk shakes"
Step 4. Child happily climbs out of bed the 50'th time, and is rewarded a milk shake.

Lesson Learned.
( I guess you gotta reward their determination every once in a while )

Even though it makes no sense, sometimes it's nice to throw the "spontaneous" card, and add a little pointless enjoyment to your evening. Thanks Kate, we all had a great time!!

Brooklyn ordered the 3 shake meal with a side of shake. Her current "sugar high" can be measured by her elevation from the seat. Needless to say, this wasn't the best tactic for making sleepy kids.


Melissa said...

Good post Bryan.
Brookie is so cute man.
Nothing like a milkshake to bring the family together and reward the 50th time getting out of bed.

Ben and Jade said...

Dude, I get out of bed at LEAST 50 times a night. How come I never get a milkshake? Tell Katelyn to get on that, will ya? ;-)

Meagan Briggs said...

How is the adjustment to 3 girls instead of 2??? I definitely think you need to post more pics of your baby K. 11 weeks left until we have our baby!! AHhhhhh can't wait.

krystal said...

right on Kate, job well done. Bryan, thanks for telling the story, it would not have been half as funny if Kate told it ; )

Ritchie Family Blog said...

So I LOVED this post! So funny but so typical of Kate... she just has that kind of sporadic energy and I love it. Your girls will always remember these kinds of things and that is fun!