Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Because We Love Our Brookie Cookie

Brooklyn is my second girl. She is very emotional, funny, and smart. As you can see, she has beautiful bright red hair. I LOVE her hair.

On our way to my mom's house for Thanksgiving, Brooklyn had to go to the bathroom. We were almost home so, I told her to hold it. I also gave her one of those "looks".

She gave me a look back and said, "I don't like it hold it!"

My mom and I about crashed as we were laughing so hard. We continued on home in the hopes that she wouldn't wet her pants. While pointing out the window, my mom kept saying,

"Look there's a __________."

And she would fill in the blank with whatever she thought Brooklyn would like to see. My favorite was, Santa. My mom kept saying that she could see Santa.

Brooklyn replied with, "Look a Camel!" She didn't know who Santa was so she didn't care but, she obviously cares about camels.

I had no idea that she even knew what a camel was. Oh, Brooklyn you make us laugh.

And yes we made it home without an accident! Thanks Mom!