Monday, December 7, 2009

Our First REAL Christmas tree!

chopping the tree down

On Saturday we went and chopped down our first real Christmas tree! All we had to do was buy a cutting permit for $5, drive about 45 minutes out of town and find the tree we loved! How awesome is that! I love IDAHO! Bryan was very excited to use his hand saw and Lauryn loved tromping through what little snow we had.

decorating the tree
We had a wonderful evening decorating the tree. Who knew that Bryan was a tree lighting expert?! Lauryn helped him by holding the extra lights while following him around the tree. Kamryn loved laying under it and watching the twinkle lights. Brooklyn just kept saying, "WOW".

On Saturday I also had a photo shoot. I packaged it all up like this:

photoshoot packaging

They also ordered a custom Christmas card. Want to see more photos from their shoot? Go to my photography blog. Kate Jennings Photography


Melissa said...

Good for you guys.
Can't wait to see it.
Is everyone ok?
We missed you at church yesterday.

Kristine said...

cute! i love this time of year.

love that picture of lauryn and the lights! cuuuute!

and great packaging on that photography.

Roxy said...

So the picture of Lauryn and Bryan together is so cute I love that he has her in one hand and a saw in another.

The Boyle's said...

That is so fun. That is our little tradition too, but we didn't do one this year. I am so sad. I love your photography work. I am so excited to get Zoey's pictures done soon. I was thinking around January when we get back from Christmas break. Let me know what you think???

Brandi said...

And let me just tell you how special I felt getting such a cutesie package...loved it!