Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to our Saturday

It was 6am. I couldn't sleep! I got up and checked craigslist for any good yard sales. I went to three and came home to a family ready to hit the Farmer's Market.
Here's the girl who's now known as Cookie. I love you COOKIE!

We enjoyed Wheatberries Bakery with a kiss on top!

Here's Shots from the Moscow Idaho Farmer's Market.

The Crafty Girls
The Florist

The Mini Doughnuts!

The Gardener

The Musician

The Vinyl by Strawberry Pearl Studios

The Cheese Lady

The Music

We saw a new family of ducks on our way home!

The new blooms!

Our friends moved today so we had this sweet girl over. We love you Yuki!

Hope you enjoyed it! We sure did!
love, K

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have been nesting! We are putting the baby in our bedroom with us for the first few months so I moved everything around. I set up a bookshelf with all her things and put her mobile up. While rearranging my bedroom I moved on to the closet. Next.................... is the office.

Here's a belly shot for you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Bassinet

My mom found this sweet baby bassinet at a second hand baby store. I love it! It had pink fabric where you now see the green. I thought I would add my own touch. I had no idea how to make basket liners so I googled it. I found THIS podcast on how to. It was SO easy! It really helped me out and maybe it will help you too! Happy Sewing! love, K

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Did I mention: I LOVE Surprises!

This Saturday morning I got ready to go antiquing. Krystal picked me up and we went to get Michelle. We knocked on her door and SURPRISE! They had thrown me a surprise baby shower. My first reaction, SHOCK! My second reaction was to, CRY!! I was so surprised at everything they had done and by everyone that had showed up! I was so happy! I could hardly stop crying. (I was really embarrassed that I was so emotional!) I knew that I wasn't getting a shower with this baby and to have one was such a TREAT! Here's a picture of a few girls that came.

They also surprised me by inviting my MOM! And she CAME! I couldn't believe it!! I LOVE you MOM!
Here's a few pictures of the decorations! My mom and I made this quilt for the new baby.
Michelle and Krystal made me this BEAUTIFUL mobile! I LOVE IT!

Here's the treats!
I can't thank everyone enough. I will NEVER forget this! I had such a wonderful day! THANK YOU! LOVE, K

Photo Shoot of Taya

I did a quick photo shoot today. When I mean quick, I mean like 10 minutes. I shot baby Taya in Palouse. Isn't she cute? Can you guess how old she is? Nope, she's not that old. She's only 9 months!

Friday, May 8, 2009

What I love right now.....

Kristine has inspired me to take a minute and think about what I love at the moment. Here are a FEW things I LOVE.

I LOVE Anna Maria Horner's Scrap Bags! I just got another one in the mail today!

I LOVE The Body Shop's Mango Body Butter! I've used it with every pregnancy and no stretch marks YET! (knock on wood!)
I LOVE Blow POPS! They have been the staple this pregnancy.

I LOVE JAM! I especially loved learning how to make Jam this last week at an enrichment. I had never done it before and it was soooo fun! Thanks Melissa!

I LOVE my SEWING MACHINE! It's a bernina Bernette! It is just perfect for what I need!

I also LOVE my husband's new ebay business and his istock portfolio. It sure helps us out. He designed and programed the lego shop. And all the art work on istock is done by him in vector. He pretty much rocks!

I LOVE my MOM (I love you too dad! It's a tribute for mother's day weekend!) I would be a terrible mother if I didn't have her amazing example. I also wouldn't have the ability to sew if it weren't for her along with a whole long list of other things.

I LOVE this Crazy Girl.

I also LOVE this other CRazy girl! And her CRAzy hair TOO!

Finally, I LOVE my new drapes! My grandma gave me a bunch of fabric so I used some of it to make these cream drapes.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Shower Gifts

I made this bib and onesie for my friend's baby shower. I really liked how they turned out! The bib was a last minute project and I just used scraps. The button was sitting in my drawer from a pair of Gap jeans I had bought a while back. It's fun only using what you have around. It challenges you to be more creative!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My current Projects

Here are some updates on my current projects.

Bird Attempt One.

Attempt Two. Which one do you like better?