Friday, April 9, 2010

Club House

Yesterday morning the girls were a bit too quiet. I went upstairs to see what they were up to. They had gotten into Kamryn's crib with her and made a "Club House". They were content for quite a while. It makes me to happy to see their creativity and how happy they are when they play together. Kamryn gets very upset if she isn't with her sisters. They are very comforting to her.



Celeste said...

Stinkin a-door-a-ble!

Your mom came to Steph's shower last night! It was good to see her! She is so sweet!

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

These pictures make me smile! I want all girls! I can't wait for Brinley to be like Lauryn and be the awesome rockstar older sister.

PS your pics are amazing.

krystal said...

cute pictures kate. they're adorable.

Bryce and Jenalee said...

So cute that they all three play together. Do you think they'll be equally good at sharing clothes when they're all teenagers?