Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kamryn 9 Months

Time changes so much when you have children. It seems to go by so quickly. At this time in my life it is so important for me to be there for them. They have so much growing to do. I feel so blessed to have my three beautiful girls. They are my best friends.

Kamryn just turned 9 months.
She is finally starting to crawl.
No teeth yet, is that normal?
She loves to make kissie faces.
Her sisters take good care of her.
I love you baby.





Ben and Jade said...

Hammy still doesn't have teeth at 8 1/2 months. I was concerned until I looked back at Nelly's pictures and saw she didn't start getting teeth until after 9 months. So I'm not worried any more. They'll come when they come.

You have the most beautiful girls. I love how unique they all are -- can't wait to see what beautiful women they become. But not right away. All in good time.

krystal said...

wow, kate you really captured her beauty. her eyes are just one of her best features, i love that kamryn.

Brittanie said...

What an amazing picture (bottom) you can actually see you taking the picture in her eyes! Incredible! She is just beautiful.

Next time you are down this way we would love a photo shoot with K8!

(Revery did not get teeth until 8mo and very slow to get the rest. His last two are still on the way)

rachel said...

i think Kamryn is SO cute! i think she looks a lot like you Katelyn. Time goes SO fast with kids. my little baby will be 3 in June. how did that happen?

Justin, Kalia, & the little nippers said...

Silas got his first tooth at around 11 months. He has all his teeth now, and it is normal ;-)