Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Kate Jennings Packaging

I found these funky CD-Rs and just had to have them! There are 10 different prints. I have been doing a lot more photography lately and have loved it! I have a spring special going on right now. Only $60 for a 1 hour photo shoot! If you are interested e-mail me!






Kristine said...

i love your packaging! so cute! what darling cds.

remember the cool cd mixes we'd make and go crazy with colored sharpies. so awesome

janel said...

those look great, keep getting better because when it's finally my turn I'll know who to call!

Isaak and Jackie said...

I love all the color it brightens everything right up. What a great deal. Do you have all your costs posted on your web page?

Debbie S. said...

If you are ever in/near Seattle/Edmonds-- YOU'RE HIRED!! I love your new packaging. Everything you do is so creative and fun.