Monday, January 17, 2011

Scripture Cover Tutorial: From By Small Means

By Small Means has a free covered notebook tutorial. I used the tutorial to make a cover for my scriptures! It took me only an hour! Very easy and fun.

Scripture study is not my forte. I would however, love it to be one. Thanks to a lady in my ward, she suggested using the Preach My Gospel manual. It has helped so much. I really look forward to studying the scriptures.

My new calling in the ward, is Primary Chorister. I really feel the pressure to make sure every Sunday is exciting and spiritual at the same time. The first few Sundays in my new calling were rough! I was sweating like a pig and stumbling over my words. I am hoping that as I better my Scripture study, I will be able to better full fill my calling.

Thanks for listening.

xo- kate






Joni said...

I'll have to try this and I know you'll be a great chorister!!! What a great calling...I love being in Primary!

Kristine said...

love it! it looks so great.

Cierra::The Yellow House said...

So cute! And by the way, if anyone can rock that calling, it's you. You are so talented/creative/sweet. I just know that the kiddies will love you mucho. You have such a mother heart & they will feel that love from you.

Jane said...

great job! i like the easy clasp loop thing.
you will do so great at chorister! absolutely great.

Missy G said...

that cover is really great...and I think you've been doing a great job in primary!

Yours Truly said...

I want this!
Do you it would work for smaller scriptures? or just your size? I want new ones, but don't NEED them.
Let me know!
Love this,

Isaak and Jackie said...

way cute scripture case cover. I think you'll do great in your new calling, hang in there girl!