Monday, January 24, 2011

Room Refresh!

A friend recently told me about A Bowl Full of Lemons. It is a blog about creating a clean and organized home. She's doing 21 days to Organization Challenge. It has defiantly inspired me. Saturday I went NUTS cleaning. Here's the living room refresh. I really love it.





Here's my work space. I know some of you have been asking about my shelving well, here's the picture.... finally!



Kristine said...

lovely!! so fresh and clean and pretty. i just want to come sit in your living room and chat. and make cookies in you kitchen.

Ryan and Meagan said...

So fresh! I love it! I want your craft/work space in my house. What an inspiration! I love those shelves!

Justin, Kalia, & the little nippers said...

Sounds cool, I'll definitely take a look.

krystal said...

looks good, of course. i'm excited to check out the blog now.

Jane said...

ditto kristine.
and good job! seriously. i love how bright and fresh and cozy it is. you have made it personable, but not over the top. well done.

now come do my room/house. please...cause then i'd get to see you and i hate how long it's been.

Isaak and Jackie said...

looks beautiful. I really like that bookshelf it adds so much to the room and atmosphere, I think.

Michelle said...

Kate- You inspire me! Someday my house will be all clean and organized, for more than 20 minutes! Haha. I'm thinking I should totally take this challenge and organize everything. I'll let you know how it goes.

Missy! said...

It looks great! I have been watching her 21 days thing and taking some notes on her organization ideas

angieinpink said...

i have no idea how i found your blog, but it is indeed adorable! addin' it's cuteness to my reader [hope ya don't mind]! this space is inspiring!! love.