Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring is on the way- No matter What!

Even if it still snowing outside, inside it's starting to look like spring! I planted some beautiful ranunculus and I have to keep them inside for now. I don't mind though, they are lovely to look at all day!


Last post I talked about a few projects I've been working on. Here's a close up of the chalk board calendar! Thanks to T and M Vinyl.


Here's a close up of the bunting banner I made. I used a template from Grace Designs. I didn't make the bunting like she did, I just used her template. I cut out my triangles, then with right sides together sewed them. Then you turn them and press. I attached them to a thick white basting tape. Easy!


Another project, I got a shadow box to cover my ugly thermostats.


I found a cute little chair at antique store for 10$. I spray painted it and covered the seat! I think it will be adorable for senior girls pictures.


I've redone my inspiration board.


Got some new big and beautiful prints in the mail!


And got my new business cards in the mail!



Whew! I swear that's it for now. I've got the bug and I don't think it's going away soon.....


Kristine said...

i love those flowers. i love the bunting and calendar. i love the chair and the blown up pics. and i love your business cards.
everything you touch is pretty!

Isaak and Jackie said...

all such beautiful crafts! If you want to direct that bug towards cleaning, organizing, and packing than come on over here!

JKclark said...

What a great idea on how to cover up a thermostat! I hate ours and have been wanting to hide it somehow. I might just steal your idea!

Mandy said...

Seriously so gorgeous! THanks for sharing. I love your cards and your inspiration board!! So perfect. You are one talented mama.

Andrea Neudorf said...

IN LOVE with your blog!!! So in love:)

Melissa said...

Ok what's going on K8?
You were blogging almost every day and now nothing for a week?
Is everything ok?

Emily Scharnhorst said...

Absolutely adorable. Everything. Thanks for sharing all of your fantastic things. Hope spring weather shows up on the Palouse soon for you soon! I finally made my first bunting. Thanks for all the inspiration. I second the comment above... "everything you touch is pretty!"