Friday, April 8, 2011

Mother's Day Primary Song Idea

My current calling in our Church is the Primary Chorister. It's my job to teach the children new songs every week! For mother's day at church they asked me to teach the children 2 new songs to sing in front of everyone. My problem is finding a good incentive for them to learn the songs. I read this idea somewhere but can't remember where so I could link to it.

Here's the idea: Make a picture of a mother with holes in her eyes. Then teach the children the songs. If they sing it good enough the mother will star to "cry". I will have someone in the back of the poster spraying water from a water bottle when they think they sang the song good enough. This is only for practice!

I think the kids will love it!

I made her shirt and flower out of scrap book paper. Then I took packaging tape and covered the entire thing so it wouldn't get wet. (I thought it was easier than going and getting it laminated)

We will see how it goes! Wish me Luck!


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Jane said...

hilarious. i wanna hear if this works. i love the mother you did. way pretty cool.

Kristine said...

I love this idea. So funny. Pretty drawing btw. You got skills!

Isaak and Jackie said...

that is beautiful, I bet you are the best chorister out there.