Thursday, June 26, 2014

Emma Jane Turns One!

The years seem to go by quicker, as I have more children. I cherish each day more and learn to find joy in the simple things. Emma turned one this week! We just love and adore her. She has such a happy little spirit. On the morning of her birthday, Sister Johnson and Sister McCabe came over to sing her a song! They have got to be the coolest missionaries ever! It was so special and sweet! 

We had a quick last minute party with Grandma and Grandpa Thompson, and Grandma Robin and Uncle Jim. Bryan was able to come home for lunch and her party. Emma loved her cake! And her presents too!


Jay and Camille said...

How much do we miss you guys! Love these pictures. You are such an amazing mom and person.

Celeste said...

Yes, the years fly by! I'm so happy you are finding joy in the moments along the way. Happy Birthday Emma!