Monday, January 4, 2010

For Family Night

Tonight for family night we will be going to the public library! I am so excited. Before I had three kids I would go there quite often but, the thought of getting the three to the library and back is now too much without Bryan's help.

On Saturday I spent the day cleaning. I hadn't had a chance to clean since we got back from our trip and was my house dirty! I even filled up my vacuum bag. (there was that much cereal crunched into my carpet) While I was cleaning I decided to rearrange some furniture. (if you know me, this is something I do a lot of) I created a little library corner in our living room. It was one of my new years goals to read more and to get my girls more excited about reading.




Jane said...

this makes me so excited to be a mom. i love books and going to the library. that's a great fhe idea. cute rearranging too.

Melissa said...

Looks great K8.
We love our library corner.

Dorothy said...

Chloe loves "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". We got it from the library once and she never put it down. So Santa put that same book that's on your shelf in her stocking. I love reading! Love your corner:)

Kristine said...

what a great idea! i love going to the library...and i love stacks of books in my home. it's cozy...and makes me feel smart :)

so go you!

Heather Walker said...

Can I be just like you when I grow up? Seriously. You never disappoint!