Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I love collections. Collections of books, dishes, quilts, scarves, cake platters and snow globes. I officially have THREE snow globes! Thanks to my sister who has helped me to be a snow globe collector. She has gotten me one for the last three Christmases.

snow globes
{these sit on the window seal where the light can shine through them and the girls can wind them up}

My mom has an amazing collection of Danish Christmas dishes that are hung in her kitchen. They follow the roof line and are spaced just so, that they continue into the family room.

Do you have any collections?

They can be a lame as mine but someday I will look back and say, "How did I get 50 snow globes? Guess it's been 50 years since I started collecting them." For me I feel like, if I can leave my legacy with my children they will always remember me and love what I have sacrificed for them. How wonderful would it be to leave them beautiful memories and beautiful snow globes?


Lt. Col. Samantha Carter said...

Had I known, I would have saved mine for you! I collected ceramic Horses, then Unicorns, then Merry-go-Round Horses, which led to a collection of Unicorns and Merry-go-Round Snow Globes, then eventually Snow Globes of all kinds! I donated them to DI a few years back - I had no room for them.

I have a large collection of Flower Vases, but now they're just gathering dust and taking up space, so I'm thinning them out. I think I'll just save my 5 favorites.

But as I got older and had more kids, I eventually just started collecting dirty laundry, toys on the floor, and giggles from kids. When they're older (and less prone to break things) I'm going to collect Vintage Cameras.

The Grimmett's said...

I collect nativities, so I really like your front snow globe. Shaun's mom gave Maisey her first nativity this year, and she gave me one too. I am up to 8 now!

Jane said...

i just started collecting salt and pepper shakers. i have 5 i think. I haven't used them, and i haven't figured out how to display them. but it's really fun and i spot them in every store now.

Kristine said...

oh boy. i love collections too. and i seem to collect things without thinking.
when i was a kid...pez machines. coins. and stamps.

now. cake stands. globes. and records.

your snow globes are pretty!