Saturday, January 2, 2010

Handmade Christmas

I made these Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Handbags for my mom and sister for Christmas. After making these, let's just say I feel like I could make ANYTHING. If you ever need help making these bags, e-mail me. Trust me.

amy butler sweet harmony handbags

I also made two aprons for my sister-in-laws. I really enjoyed making these! They are fun and easy! I have a really really good pattern book I use. You can find it here.


What was your favorite gift this Christmas?


Ben and Jade said...

My little sister made all her gifts for Christmas this year, too, and the things she made us are definitely among our favorites. She made adorable bibs for Hammy, one of those crayon holders (like you've posted about before) for Nelly, a scripture bag for me and a reusable sandwich bag for Ben. The sandwich bag is adorable and brilliant. Ben pretends he's a little nervous to take a frilly fabric sandwich case to school, but I know he's really excited to show it off.

Kristine said...

NICE WORK k8. you are so so talented! and i love your fabric choices :).

such cute bags! and darling aprons. how did you make the fabric flowers on them?

The Boyle's said...

I love it. I really want to make an apron. You will have to help me out sometime. SUper cute. You are so so talented.

Jennifer said...

Hello! Great blog and I love how your Sweet Harmony bags turned out! I'm actually about to purchase that pattern and give the large tote a try as a diaper bag for my sister. Amy Butler's website says the TOTE size doesn't have closures at all, while the smaller one uses magnets.

Does the pattern give you the option to add closures to the larger size? Either magnetic OR a zipper or anything? In your opinion, would it be easy to add that? I just love the style of this bag!

Thanks for your thoughts!