Monday, March 22, 2010



The girls loved helping out with this craft. It was quick and cheap. They love their new journals and they use them everyday!

Scrap Ribbon: Free
Jewels: Free
Composition Note Books: $1.00 a piece
Total Cost: $2.00


Melissa said...

I'm alright man.
Just a crap morning with the kids.
Masaru's at pre-school and the other two are down for naps though, so I'm gonna read and have a great rest of the day.
I love those pic's of the girls.

Kristine said...

oh so cute! love those pictures too. my sisters do 'sunday stations' with their kids. they go through little stations. for example one is reading (or getting read to) the Friend. and another one is journal writing. they have composition journals just like that. if they're not old enough to write their parents do for them and they draw a picture. they are so fun to look through.