Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Sisters Hands

Two weeks ago I was asked by a ward in another stake to photograph womens hands for a video. They were having an enrichment night about the scaredness of the work women do. I was very happy to do this for them. We took more pictures than seen here, these ones are my favorite. I also put them into a slideshow to music. It was very beautiful.

our sisters hands


des said...

hey you did an awesome job! it turned out beautiful last night :)
oh and the lady sitting next to me wants you to come take pics of her girls :) yeah for business!! I'll give her your info

Celeste said...

I LOVE these! Beautiful! You did a wonderful job! I wish I could have been there at the presentation!

I am so happy you are blogging again! I love to see your work!

Ashleigh said...

They turned out so cute! Love it!

Kristine said...

what a neat idea. and great photography girl!

i love hands, especially my moms.

Brittanie said...

How beautiful! What an amazing project to work on. I bet there were not any dry eyes!

janel said...

These are seriously amazing and what a great idea I'm so glad they asked you - it turned out perfect. And if you have a copy of the final project with music I'd love to see that too!