Sunday, February 13, 2011



Yes, I have been "Missing In Action" in the following areas:

-church calling

I have had the stomach flu for about 4 days now. I am so done with this illness! I am ready to move on! Having no energy to keep up with my 3 young daughters has been a nightmare. My wonderful husband has 2 jobs and 15 credits in his last semester till graduation. He hasn't been able to help much. However, when he has had time, he has been amazing.

I hope this finds all you readers out there in good health. There is nothing like a good case of the stomach flu to humble you a little more. Two nights ago after my fever broke, I was watching the movie A Little Princess. By the end I was in tears! Thinking I had gone mental, I thought I better get out of the house (since it had been days). How grateful I was to leave the house, grateful to not feel nausea!

Enough about me. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!


Kristine said...

i've been missing you in blog land!

that is terrible that you've been sick for that long! sounds awful! mothers just shouldn't ever get sick.

hope you are on the mend! happy vday!

Meagan said...

I LOOOOVE that movie!!!!

Being sick is IMPOSSIBLE when you have kids. Ahhh I feel like just going on a trip and leaving instead of being a grump!

Celeste said...

There should definitely be an option for moms to call in sick!

Wishing you the best!

A & A Hooper said...

i'd say MIA i've missed you! we will p-a-r-t-y this week! so glad your feeling better!

Michelle said...

I'm glad your feeling better... Let me know if you need something! XO

krystal said...

yeah, this must mean you're feeling a little better than i last saw you.