Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting Ready for eARTh day projects

Remember last years summer eARTh day projects? They are about to begin again! I can't wait! Neither can the girls!

To get things started off, we made a inspiration board. It's a board we can change all the time, add, and take away from. Last year we made an alphabet tree. Not sure yet what theme we will do this year..... maybe RAINBOW! It seems to be all the rage right now.


We are gathering all of our recycled materials, art supplies, and organizational stuff. We went to a few thrift store today and found some great finds! We got this cute turn around catty for $2.50! yay!


We also picked up this cute little Martha Stewart Cubbie and home depot. Who knew they carried her stuff!? It's a great way to quickly clean up clutter. On each basket, we made a little clip art that tells the girls what goes where. They actually listen when it's time to clean up! I think it helps them to know where things go!

Martha Stewart Cubbies

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