Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Playing Hard

Kamryn thinks she's big enough to ride this BIG WHEEL. It's hilarious. She just pushes herself around backwards.

Miss Lauryn rides her scooter like Bob Burnqist. She plays so hard, all her jeans are holy. hehe.



We found a ladybug! Happy Day!

ladybug on arm

Here's another cute clip Lady Robin made!

Every time Kamryn sees a ladybug she scrunches up her body and squeals!

Here's what's left of Lauryn's jeans. Worn in and out!

holy jeans

I was at Michelle's house and she said she was going to make all of her daughters holy jeans into skirts with ruffles. It inspired me and I came up with this-

They were suppose to be ruffles. Maybe the next pair will come out more ruffly. I still like this pair and Lauryn likes them too!


Mandy said...

CUTE PANTS!! I love it! Isn't it amazing when the sun finally comes out!? I just love how Avery lights up every time we get to go outside and swing or ride bikes.

Melissa said...

I think the pants turned out great.
Love the lady bug on the arm shot.
Masaru had the best times on that big wheel remember?
Glad the weathers nice.

Jane said...

what cute shots! and cute girls of course. i like your new header too!

Jenalee said...

I love those pants. Are you ever sad that bright ruffles on your jean shorts aren't exactly fashionable for grownups? I am.

Robin said...

I love what you did with the pants - you are an amazingly talented woman!! I admire you so much!!