Monday, October 24, 2011

Kids with DSLR's

On a whim I decided to teach my girls how to use my DSLR> It was really humorous. I set all the manual settings for them and let them shoot away. Mind you that they had to sit on the couch with the camera strap around their neck while they were shooting.

Here's my two favorite images that Lauryn (age 6) took. After I taught her how to hold the camera, focus, and take a picture, I showed her how to capture sparkly eyes. She nailed it!

(these are straight out of the camera. gotta love manual)


Brooklyn (age 4) was so fun to watch with the camera. She kept giving me little ideas of how to pose. Here's my favorite image that Brooklyn took.


Another one of Brooklyn's images I love, was an accident. I think the composition is really interesting. The large blank space with bits of Halloween on both sides.


Thinking of having a Photography 101 Class here in town. Let me know if you are interested and I will set a tentative date!


Strawn Fairy Tales said...

I'd love a photography class! My camera isn't nearly as...fancy...but ideas for composition and such would be awesome!

Jane said...

love this so much. you're gorgeous. wish i could take your class.

Brynn said...

I would definitely be interested Kate, I have already taken one class from Candice Stringham called, "Oh Shoot!" and it was awesome, and I loved it! I am always looking for more direction and instruction, so I would definitely be interested.

Meagan said...

Holy cow! That is amazing! Your eyes are electric!

Amelia Grace Barker said...

What an awesome idea.....I am totally there! I really need to learn how to properly use my camera!!!
Rebekah Barker