Thursday, June 14, 2012

GBTV Lemonade Stand for Charity

PhotobucketToday was National Lemonade stand day. In celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit, lemonade stands were erected all over the nation. In a time where people feel entitled that the world has a spot ready and waiting for them (and who are often shocked to discover otherwise) it is empowering to remember that we create our own opportunity. A few of us have been blessed to land an established role, but it is only because someone before us was an entrepreneur and created it. The simple lemonade stand reminds us that if no role is available (or even exists) for us to occupy, we can create it. we can create. create.

(here is our stand advertised along with hundreds more on - we were the only ones representing the Palouse!)

PhotobucketKate and I heard about National Lemonade stand day last week, and both fell in love with the idea. There was just the small problem of not having a Lemonade stand - what a fun challenge, we worked to get everyone's creativity involved.

I scoured google images for lemonade stands, and sketched up a plan:

To keep costs low we used free pallets from our local lumber supplier. It took time and effort to get those apart but to have free wood was worth it (you just have to tell yourself that you are burning a lot of calories)!

a few tips on harvesting free pallets:

1. Get pallets that don't have a ton of split boards
2. Use a skill saw (circular saw) to cut just inside where the ends are nailed down. - the ends are almost always destroyed, and trying to save them usually splits the wood even more.
3. Invest in a good flat prybar (i use a large Estwig, the larger the better)
4. Pry off the ends that you just cut off your board (but are still nailed to the pallet)
5. The only remaining nails should be in the center of the board, dont try to pry off the board yet.
6. swing the board back and forth by grabbing each end and rocking fast (all the nails should break off by the friction except 1)
7. Use the prybar to get the last nail.

Pallets often use nails that are hexagonal and twist down the nail like licorice. This makes them almost impossible to pull out. Your board will usually bust before the nail gives. The Eastwig prybar is great at pulling these nails as long as you have enough leverage, so get a long handled one. Also, avoid prying directly on the board you want to remove, this will gouge it. place a small sacrificial scrap of board beneath your pry area.

The longest boards you can typically harvest is around 3'.

Before and After!

Now the paint. Brooklyn is great at painting signs and her sisters.

Kamryn is great at "pooling" and marking all the boards that need painted unless we miss one.

Lauryn is a little trooper, she painted about 50% of the first coat. She loved being involved.

Kate and I noticed that a lot of the "Pinterest" Lemonade stands were a little too ideal. As if the real motivation  behind them was to stage the perfect photo-op. While we were definitely going to photo-document everything, it was all about our whole family creating. Lauryn drew out all our "pop art" and words in a notebook. I sketched them onto our signs, and we both painted them in. You can try to fake 7 year old creativity, but nothing evokes that inner child like the real thing. Thanks for your marketing genius Lauryn!


Brook and Kam were busy putting together all the goodies for the stand.

Kate was amazing and got everything together even though she was in the middle of an allergy crisis

And now for a Lemonade Stand montage 



Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

We thought the cop was going to shut us down. Many states are adopting regulations that require food handler's permits for bake sales, public BBQ's, offering food to the poor, and lemonade stands. But thank goodness for Idaho, the officer just had a hankering for some refreshment. He even advertised our stand for us on his police radio!

Brooklyn was our lemonade stand poster child. Lauryn and I spent 20 minutes trying to wave in customers from a busy street, without much luck. Kate told me to try Brooklyn instead. Brook just stood holding a cup of lemonade with both hands, outstretched to the passing cars (while I worked the sign). We drew in so many people, that Kate ran out of ice, cups, lids, lemon slices, and lemonade in about 20 minutes. No one could resist!

We also had tremendous support from our community. It's amazing to just talk face to face with your neighbors. I think that the greatest potential for a fantastic standard of living lies in a strong community ("strong" meaning you actually know each other). I wouldn't have said that a few weeks ago, but since building our garden and this stand, Kate and I have both enjoyed getting to know a ton of people around our block. I guess the best way to know your community is to get outside, become visible, and create opportunities to encounter them!

31 days ago we didn't have a garden. 31 days ago we weren't part of a community. 8 days ago, we didn't have a lemonade stand. 8 hours ago Brook and Lauryn didn't know the process of serving great lemonade: Cup, Ice, Lemonade, Lemon slice, Straw, Lid, Serve. Now we have all those things. It is amazing how quick we can create these rich assets, relationships and experiences.

So happy National Lemonade Stand day, see you all next year (and probably several Saturdays this summer!) and remember, create, create, create!

- Bryan, Katelyn, and the girls. Photobucket


Melissa said...

Brilliant, just brilliant!

Kristine said...

i am SO impressed. Bryan, you're amazing. What a cool process for your girls to be apart of. I love the images too. And the stand. whoa.. i dig the yellow and white stripes on the bottom of the stand. the cups with bright straws, the bags of lemon drops with pretty ribbon. and those cute girls. good job.

Kurt Thompson said...

Congrats Kate and Bryan. So proud of you.

Jane said...

this is TOO cute. i'm so impressed. blown away. i wish i could have stopped by for a drink. i love it. never seen better.

Mandy said...

So cool! So fun! Such a great experience for your children!! You guys are the coolest, as usual.

Desarae Fowler said...

I'm so impressed!! I love all of this. its awesome. good job.

brightbit said...

I love this! I will have to look this up one day with my kids. They will remember this forever I am sure. What a great way to teach them tactile values of work, enterprise, business, free market , family, creativity, friendship and chatity! Go your family! I count myself officially inspired. :) my favorite touch are the sunglasses.

Cindy said...

this is just so cool! sorry we missed out! send out a head's up before your next big day. we'll be there for sure!

Kira said...

How inspiring!!!!! I love all of it, Bryan is amazing with the construction, the girls are adorable, and Kate the the table and pics look so great, I wish I could have been there to help in some way, thanks so much for sharing you truly inspire me!!!! Much love

Brittanie said...

So sweet! What a fabulous idea. That is the cutest Lemonade stand I have ever seen! The girls are adorable as usual!