Sunday, July 7, 2013

Annual Strawberry Picking At Greenbluff

We were lucky this year and made it out to pick strawberries before the week of heavy rain! It was a beautiful overcast morning, which is ideal for strawberry picking! The girls are getting older and were so helpful! I went along to encourage everyone and take photos, as I was 37 weeks pregnant when we went!


 Instaxminis are a tradition too!

 Kamryn thought it was so magical out in the strawberry fields. She especially loved that we could eat all the strawberries we wanted while we were out picking!

Bryan was able to come picking with us this year too! It was so fun to have him with us!

I love this man!

All done picking and ready to make jam!

This year we made about 3 gallons of freezer jam! I love making lots to share with friends and neighbors. Until next year!

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