Monday, July 22, 2013

Kamryn's Princess Party

Thanks to Oh Happy Day blog for the tutorial on how to make a number piñata. I filled the piñata with individual gift bags for the kids!
 Making rainbow cupcakes! Per request of the birthday girl!
I had tons of extra streamers from making the piñata that I decided to throw them up into our back tree. It created such a magical feeling!

This was her first friend party! She loved every minute!


krystal said...

That was such a fun and magical party, Andy is still talking about it! Ad those cupcakes were yum-my! Happy birthday kam.

krystal said...

PS I love the new header!

Melissa said...

I love the new header as well and I love Krystal and am glad she was in your shot since she doesn't blog.
I can't believe you did all this with a new born.
You're my hero.
Great ideas.

juniormaster said...

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